Where do I vote

Where do I vote? Why didn’t I get a note?
How does my son/daughter vote in the IDF?
Here is all the necessary information for election day in Ra’anana!

  1. There are two options for locating the polling place:
    Here is a link from the Ministry of the Interior – enter the link and fill in the appropriate place your ID number and the date of issue. The system will show you the polling place you need to vote at: https://www.gov.il/apps/moin/bocharim/
    My headquarters team will also be happy to answer you personally on your ballot: 054-4884-8840 send us a WhatsApp with your name and ID and we will answer you.
    Question: Why didn’t I receive the note in the mail?
    Answer: Most of us did not receive them. These are notes sent by the Ministry of the Interior, but they are intended for information only about the polling place, they are not necessary for voting!!!
  2. What do I need to bring to the ballot?
    The polling stations are open from 07.00 in the morning to 22.00 at night.
    Identification before the polling staff is through an identity card or driver’s license.
    The note we used to receive from the Ministry of the Interior (most of us did not) is not necessary for voting, it is for information only!!!
  3. How many ballots do you vote with?
    You will receive two envelopes:
    One for the yellow ticket – for direct election to mayor (Nir Crystal)
    The second for the white ticket – to select the list for the city council (ק) – Ra’ananim headed by Nir Crystal).
    Make sure you only put one note in each envelope, otherwise the envelope will be rejected.
  4. And our soldiers?
    They vote in the bases. After identifying themselves to the polling staff, they will receive envelopes like you but unlike us, they will receive a blank yellow note and a blank white note. Why are they blank? Because troops from other cities will stand behind them in line and it is not possible to bring all the notes from all over the country to each base.
    Therefore: they must write their choice in their handwriting.
    In our case:
    Nir Crystal on the yellow note,
    ק – Raananim led by Nir Crystal on the white ticket.
    Do not add anything other than this text on the notes.
    And most importantly – election day is a public holiday. It is designed this way so that we all go to vote and influence our future. Because only those who vote really influence.


I invite you to elect me for mayor and my list of Ra’ananim (ק) in my leadership team for the city council.

Nir Crystal and the Ra’ananim list  (ק)

ניר קריסטל לראשות העיר

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