“The strength of every community is measured by those in need of municipal assistance”. Here, too, we will implement an updated standard, embracing and supporting those in need of municipal assistance.

A new building for the Welfare Department

The Welfare Department (which is very crowded today) will transfer by 2020 to a new building to enable the provision of a more personal and dignified service to residents who require those services.

Increasing the number of social workers

Together with the Ministry of Social Affairs, we will examine the possibility of increasing the number of social workers in Raanana, considering the existing burden on the staff.

We will establish a new headquarters to collect equipment and food donations - the first of its kind.

In the industrial zone we will build a new building that will serve two purposes: One, collecting and storing good quality home furniture and equipment that residents want to donate and two, an area for collecting and distributing food to the needy. The cost of building the complex: about NIS 500,000 from the municipal development budget.

The complex will be managed by a “housekeeper” on a salaried basis. All other manpower will be based on volunteers. Scheduled to be ready by Eve of Rosh Hashana 2020.

The first area will be operated entirely by volunteers, who will collect the furniture and equipment from the homes of the residents, store it and distribute it to those who need it, in accordance with the approval of the welfare department.

The food complex will include refrigerators, freezers, packaging, storage and preparation for transport, to be constructed by the municipality. The complex will be operated by the various food associations operating in the city and will facilitate their ongoing operations and will save them costs.

Discounts in urban facilities

These will be fixed and clearly defined.  Identification will be by means of a personal code (the age of the card is over) and will ensure discounts for the population on welfare to the municipal pool and other facilities such as the gym and the tennis center.

Increasing the budget to support non-profit organizations that care of the population on welfare.

The budget for support to organizations providing services to the population on welfare, the elderly, and those in need of food for daily survival will be increased. The total budget will increase by NIS 150,000 annually (we will reduce the budget for other organizations).

Free tickets for the population on welfare are also available for cultural performances

At every performance of a private artist who will rent the Amphitheater (such as Shlomo Artzi, etc.), 30 tickets will be allocated on the lawn, free of charge to people on welfare because of financial distress.  The tickets will be distributed by the head of the social services division and the municipal legal counsel on a lottery basis. These tickets are pre-booked for AmphitPark contracts for private producers.