The vision and the new Raanana standard

The vision and the new Raanana standard

Our vision for Raanana - Raanana is back on top!

My Raanana – Let’s wake up this city and bring it straight into the 21st century with a fresh atmosphere and the characteristics of a warm, cohesive and supportive community.

What does this mean?

Ra’anana will provide us with all our needs – 360 degrees.  high standard and in tune with the 21st century: housing, education, public transport, cleaning and urban care, community, security, welfare, leisure and culture, government services and much more and it will be here in our home town- here in Ra’anana.

What is the "Ra'anana Standard"?

People in the street tell me. “We understand your vision – Raanana is back on top”, but what is the “Ra’anana standard”? Well – being the #1 city in Israel is indeed the vision, and the “Raanana Standard” is the way to get there.  I intend to introduce innovative standards for managing a city in Israel in the 21st century. High standards of leadership in every area of life, so that our Raanana will be the # 1 city.

You will find extensive details of the Raanana Standard in each of the following sections.