The “Residents’ Experience (you won’t recognize this service)

The “Residents’ Experience (you won’t recognize this service)

Everyone is talking about service. But service is a profession that requires experience and specialization like any other profession.

As someone who has been serving hundreds of thousands of customers for years, I will place a revolutionary new standard of service for Ra’anana’s residents in our home town.

A standard that comes from true recognition of the needs of the residents, a genuine dialogue with you and most importantly – true love for public service.

I will be the most accessible mayor you've ever known! First of all - save my mobile number: 054-4334118

Yes, I believe in the ease of accessibility to the Mayor. A few years ago, I gave my mobile number to the press, because as a public servant you are not worth anything if you are not accessible.  To those who think I am naïve, I trust Ra’anana’s intelligent residents to know when to use the municipal services and when their Mayor should be personally involved.

Start the day with your Mayor

As Mayor, I will make a daily tour of the city and meet the residents, so that I can experience the city through your eyes.

Every morning between 08.00 and 09.30 I will travel with one of the heads of a division to one of our streets.  (On the 1st of the month we will issue the timetable for the month).

During the tour, we will explore together the challenges and needs that you have in your street.  Within two days, you’ll get a draft outline of all our solutions and timeframe.

On particularly complex issues, we will present the alternatives to the residents on the street and collaborate.

"Digital Ra’anana"

We will integrate a wide range of services to your home (or directly to your mobile)

Parking permits, payment systems, permits for Tabu, registration and placement in the education system, tickets to performances in Ra’anana, updates of personal details, business licenses, documents related to the Engineering Administration and more.

We will implement free Wi-Fi throughout the city

Is it not time?

“Crystal clear” - the revolution of Nir Crystal

As someone who initiated filming the council’s meetings, it is time to bring comprehensive openness to Ra’anana.

The State of the Nation Report – As in the State of the Union report, I will present to you once a year in January, at Beit Yad Lebanim, the results of the past year’s activities, the situation of our municipal budget and future work plan for the coming year. It is your right to know – it is my duty to report it.

From now on all the meetings of the municipal committees will be filmed.

The city council sessions will be moved to another conference hall in the city to allow for better audience participation.

Account statements to parents will be sent at the end of each school year through the “Hamashov” program.

Government services

In the 21st century, services such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Tax Authority, the National Insurance Institute and others are already available in Ra’anana. Representatives of will be available in the city for the convenience of the residents, as well as security services such as a police station, a fire department and Magen David Adom – see the reference to the new security complex.