The Raanana Standard in Urban Care

The Raanana Standard in Urban Care

Raanana residents are unsatisfied and report a decrease in the level of cleanliness in the city. The irony is that many years ago we led and taught other communities how to upgrade their city cleanliness and now we are falling behind.

Do you miss it? So do we !

Open your calendars.  By October 2019 Raanana will once again be the most well-groomed city in Israel!

And this is how we will do it -:

"We're here for you" - regional service managers

We will divide the city into six service areas. Each of you will have the name and telephone of the regional service manager responsible for your street. The same manager will note the number of repeated requests received and act accordingly.  For example, if he sees a resident opening a call to the center twice on the same subject, he will initiate a meeting with the resident to see what is needed. The service manager will work with the entire municipal system that provides a municipal care service throughout the city and will ensure optimal service in the area under his responsibility.

And the good news is that to build a diverse service, the managers will only need to add two new personnel. Further personnel will be trained from existing municipal workers.


Clean up the city, improve the service

In Raanana, we will implement advanced technology for nurturing the city and innovative models for service management:

We won’t just clean – we will make it shine!!!!  We will purchase state of the art, electric, non-polluting, quiet, and efficient pumping machines currently in use in major European cities. Budget source: Urban development budgets (not the current budget).

Collection of garden waste – an innovative application that will enable you to coordinate the collection of garden waste. This way we can improve the collection availability and better handle individual problems beyond the regular collection day.

Pick up in just 3 hours – Your street was pruned? The municipality was involved in the gardening? Within only 3 hours of pruning or gardening your waste will be picked up.   City streets that have undergone cultivation by municipal gardeners will shine. There will also be a special application enabling private gardeners to communicate with the city’s façade wing .  The collection days for the gardeners will be on Sundays and Fridays, unrelated to the residents’ collection days.  The gardeners will receive a personal service directly from a representative in the city’s facade wing (portfolio managers) and will no longer have to deal with the municipal center.