I am here

for you

Dear Ra’anana residents,

Welcome to my official website and to the list of “Ra’ananim” for the mayoral and city council elections that will take place on Tuesday –  2/27/2024. I am happy for the privilege of continuing to put myself at your service for the next few years.

I bring with me to the position the richest experience among all the candidates: 22 years of management in the business sector in large companies (private and public) as well as 10 years of experience as a member of the city council in Ra’anana, including two years as deputy mayor, and a total 37 years of volunteering in the community. 

The 7/10 war made it clear to all of us that we must have professional leadership that is solely committed to the public interests. like the state Our Raanana is in real danger. From our magical “Pearl of the Sharon” only the slogan remains. The Ra’anana’s security needs a revolution, The young people of Ra’anana cannot continue to live in the city because mainly large apartments are built here, only for the rich. Young and old alike cannot spend time in the city, simply because there is nowhere. For our retirees and the other residents who frequently use public transportation – there is no one to talk to, the frequency and quality are reminiscent of a third world. The traffic jams continue to oppress, the indifference towards the difficult parking problems continues to rise, the education system and investments in education are in a worrying retreat. The surrounding cities of the Sharon region have long since overtaken Ra’anana.

Our city needs a new and fresh leader to wake it up, because our Ra’anana has fallen asleep. It deserves a new, participatory, innovative and transparent leadership, which will march it forward. The city must be refreshed!

As mayor I will change the priorities in Ra’anana from end to end. I will invest your money in you, not in public relations. From my first day as mayor, I will work to add security guards, policemen, a fire station, hundreds of parking spaces thanks to creative thinking, to build hundreds of small apartments for our young people and retirees, to revolutionize public transportation, to improve traffic and traffic jams, and to dramatically increase investments in the education system, youth movements, and our dear seniors. I will take care of the construction of entertainment complexes that will also be open on weekends, while making sure to maintain the existing status-quo.

In the distant past, everyone looked up to Ra’anana as an example and model for city management. Mayors from all over the country came here with their teams for training and study. This is the only place worthy of Ra’anana, to be the leading city in Israel.

I promise you that as mayor of Ra’anana I will act only for you, honestly and transparently and will strive for excellence in all areas.
I will work, as i’m used to, as a team, with the excellent employees of the municipality and also with the best external consultants.
A municipality, in my opinion, is an organization that must be modeled in its conduct in order to serve the customers as of a commercial enterprise and you – you are the recipients of the service.

You must be asking yourself – “Where will he get the money to fulfill all his promises?”. The answer is simple – as someone who comes from the business world, Ra’anana under my leadership will operate according to advanced economic standards and generate income for itself, as well as make changes in the priorities in the budget. All the money will be invested in you.

In the coming weeks, I will continue to present to you my election campaign and the members of the excellent list of “Ra’ananim” that I lead for the city council.

I call on you to join me and us to return the leadership and excellence to our Ra’anana, to catalyze it for development and progress, for honesty, transparency and modesty, to return to being with the leading education system in Israel, to refresh and renew the city.

From Tuesday 2/27/2024 – our Ra’anana will be my life’s mission. I commit!

Yours and at your service.

Nir Crystal

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