Culture, leisure and entertainment

Culture, leisure and entertainment

Ra’anana has in the past had a rich culture to offer its residents, but unfortunately, every year there is less. Many events that were traditional in Ra’anana were canceled (the end of Independence Day and Rosh Hashanah concerts, Dance Parade, and more) !!! Neighboring cities provide alternative varieties of culture and entertainment and most of us leave Raanana today to enjoy it elsewhere. Even a cup of coffee at 11 PM cannot be found in the city.

Here, too, a new standard of culture and entertainment is required. We will renew unique cultural traditions and events alongside the development of a variety of new and diverse cultural activities that will enrich our lives. Our Ra’anana will provide within its borders and facilities a rich variety of culture and places of entertainment for all ages.

Amphipark Raanana returns -free to Ra’anana residents

Have you missed it? So have we!

We will have a wide range of events at the Raanana Amphitheater from Independence Day to Rosh Hashana. We will renew the tradition of the Independence Day concert and every two weeks until Rosh Hashana, we will hold a big central performance. The celebration of the end of the summer will be at the traditional Rosh Hashana concert that was canceled.

And it is important to say, there is nothing to worry about: we will not go bankrupt. Everything will come from a change in priorities in the management of the municipal budget. It is time to give back more to the city’s residents.

The Raanana Symphonette

Every year in July, we will have a classical concert in our beautiful outdoor Amphitheater, under the stars with our special Ra’anana Symphonette.

Do you feel like dancing? Come every day to the "Hall on the Lake"

“The Gallery on the Lake” will be moved to a new complex in the city center. From now on, the municipal dance hall will function as the place to hang out and dance, with the beautiful cafe and park next to it … folk dancing, ballroom dancing, Salsa and Latin American, all these in the afternoons and evenings.

On Thursday and Saturday nights, starting at 22:00, the hall will become a club for young people. On Thursday and Saturday nights there will be parties for children aged 18+ and on Fridays there will be a party for junior and high school students.

This is one of the few places in the city where you can hang out until dawn without disturbing the neighbors.

Art is food for the soul

The “Gallery on the Lake” will be moved to a new complex in the city center. Exhibitions of work by artists with special needs will also be exhibited, as befits a colorful city that cares for its special population.

Youth Park

Raanana Park will become a youth park on weekends. Every weekend Raanana Park will become a youth park. With open-air playgrounds, a kiosk near the animal corner that will open its doors at night to sell drinks, ice creams, pizzas and everything our youth love. On the lawn by the lake a movie will be screened every weekend between May and November. The “Hall on the Lake” (now a gallery that will move to the city center) will serve as a club on Friday nights for junior and high school students.

The Dance Parade

this tradition is coming back but on the Friday before Shavuot.  Surrounded by a sea of crops – once again in Ra’anana.

In culture

Every week there will be leading personalities and figures in the public and Israeli current affairs to meet.

"Ra’anana Mondays"

Once every two weeks, on Mondays, the residents of the city are invited to an afternoon film at NIS 10 only.

Events in the city's neighborhoods

Every summer we will have a variety of local events in the city’s neighborhoods – Why? So that we go out and get to know each other.